• £16.90

    Cucumber Teapot for Two

    Memsahib Cucumber Gin, Mint, Lime and Cucumber Tonic
  • £9.99

    Marmalade and bourbon cooler

    Bourbon, campari, maple syrup, marmalade
  • £9.99

    Candied rose

    Memsahib Jasmine gin, creme de cacao, rose candy floss, egg white
  • £9.99

    Coffee rum old fashioned

    Coffee rum, amaretto, chocolate bitters
  • £9.99

    Princess Peach

    Memsahib Peach & Papaya Infused Gin, Peach Puree, and Lime
  • £9.99

    Raspberry and blue flower martini

    Blue pea Memsahib Gin, Gomme, Martini extra dry