• £12.99

    Non-Alcoholic Bombay Presidency Cucumber punch Christmas teapot for two

    Memsahib non-alcoholic gin, basil, mint, lime, gomme and elderflower
  • £6.99

    Kolkata Pink Fizz

    Grapefruit, rosemary and pink lemonade
  • £5.99

    Emperor’s Garden Mocktail

    Memsahib non-alcoholic gin, apple, elderflower and mint
  • £9.99/£29.99

    Gymkhana Punch

    • - £9.99
    • - £29.99
    Memsahib gin, cinnamon ,rum, lime, pomegranate and soda
  • £16.99

    Bombay Presidency Cucumber Punch Christmas teapot

    Memsahib cucumber gin, mint, lime, gomme and elderflower
  • £9.99

    Candied Blue Breeze

    Cool breeze gin, martini extra dry, cachaca, lime and blue flower
  • £9.99

    Sailors Ration

    Chocolate rum, martini rosso, lime, Angostura bitter and vanilla bitter
  • £9.99

    Dak Bungalow Tipple

    Smoked Whiskey, star anise, honey, lime and ginger ale