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Gin and Rum at Memsahib Gin and Tea Bar

I am a big fan of Memsahib Gin and Tea Bar in Cheltenham. Their Afternoon Chai is a wonderful twist on the traditional afternoon tea, and worth visiting for that alone. All the food and drink that I have enjoyed here – from a quick lunch to their sumptuous Tasting Menu has always been exceptional. But Memsahib is more than the food and drink on offer. Like the Memsahibs of the early 20th century who were renowned for the feasts they hosted for friends and family from the comfort of their own home, the founders of the Gin and Tea bar want to convey this feeling of being able to feel welcome and relaxed in comfortable atmosphere whilst enjoying good food and drink. As soon as you arrive you feel welcomed. You are seated and given a welcome drink and amuse bouche.

Welcome at Memsahib

For my most recent visit to Memsahib, I was invited to attend a Blogger Masterclass where I would be able to sample some of their gins and rums, their food and learn a bit about the stories behind them. I would also be able to learn a few of the techniques used in producing their impressive drinks.

Memsahib Gin

At Memsahib Gin and Tea Bar, their London Dry Gin is infused with tea and natural botanicals in order to produce a very unique selection of teas. I was able to try the Indian Masala Gin which was served with lemonade rather than tonic water. I love the spices in this gin infusion – particularly the cinnamon, and it worked so well with the lemonade. And the drink itself looks as amazing as it tastes, served with herb-infused ice cubes, a dehydrated orange slice and enhanced with other botanicals.

Memsahib Gin Masterclass

As much as I love my gin, I found the Rum Masterclass really interesting. We were told about how the 3 year old white rum was infused and smoked in order to produce its unique flavour. The run was served with an aromatic tonic and fruit shashlik.

Memsahib Rum Masterclass
Memsahib Masterclass

After a couple of drinks, I was definitely ready for some food. Just like the drinks, the food also looked and tasted amazing. I had smoked mackerel on falafel and pine nut salad with vegetable samosa and masal chips followed by cheesecake.

Food at Memsahib

After food, I was able to try another couple of drinks. The Gin and Oolong tea Martini might be my new favourite drink, although the Rum, Chocolate and Coffee cocktail gave me a very welcome caffeine hit as with all the good food and drink, I could have quite happily had a little nap in one of the cosy arm chairs.

Gin and Oolong tea Martini at Memsahib
Rum, Chocolate and Coffee Cocktail at Memsahib

Memsahib Gin and Tea Bar are looking to introduce their Masterclasses next year, so keep an eye on their website if you are looking for a great food and drink experience for yourself or a gift.

Disclaimer: I was invited along to Memsahib Gin and Tea Bar with other bloggers in order to experience their food and drink and get a feel for what their Masterclasses will entail. I have been to Memsahib quite a few times and genuinely love the place.

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