I was invited along to review the masterclass and received this experience free of charge. All views are my own.

Memsahib Gin and Tea bar will be offering ‘masterclasses’ where you can enjoy a range of perfectly infused gins, rums and teas alongside a unique and delicious Anglo-Indian menu.

Claiming to be the world’s first gin and tea bar, Memsahib on Cheltenham’s Promenade is owned by the same people as the popular East India Café. They infuse their own gins which are then paired with tea. They also craft their own gin, giving optimal control over how it tastes.

I went along to taste and review the ‘Masterclass’ which is being launched soon. It involves enjoying a combination of infused gins and rum alongside Anglo-Indian inspired food served beautifully as a number of courses.

To begin with we were served with a welcome drink and amuse bouche which tasted so fresh and delicious! We were then given a talk about the history of the Memsahib Gin and Tea bar: it was inspired by the British Raj period, during which many Anglo-Indian women settled in Cheltenham. The lifestyle of a Memsahib, originally a term for a married upper-class white woman, would have involved offering the sort of hospitality presented in the Gin and Tea bar.

Our first gin was an Indian Masala Chai infusion with lemonade and lychee – it was beautiful with a delicate spicy taste – perfect for the coming winter months! It was accompanied with the best gyoza I have ever tasted. Next up was a 3-year-old infused wood smoked white rum with pineapple and aromatic tonic. For our main course, we had delicious smoked duck with pickled red onion and polenta chips, chicken samosa and Baileys Cheesecake to finish. It sounds a lot but they ensure you never feel too full …or drunk! They carefully match the drinks and the food to complement each other.

We had another two drinks including a gin and oolong tea martini and a chocolate and coffee rum which was lovely! They are clearly very passionate about their flavours at the Memsahib Gin and Tea Bar! They also share their ideas and recipes to you can try them at home. If you’re keen to wow friends and family with a unique experience, I would highly recommend a visit to the Memsahib Gin and Tea Bar!

All of the teas at the bar are of artisan quality and fair trade; ethically transported from leaf to cup.  Teas include: warming chai, intoxicating oolong, fragrant green and sophisticated Earl Grey. Both the food and tea menus are seasonal, ensuring you receive the freshest and most sustainable offerings available.

There are a number of menus at the Memsahib – the Christmas offers are also out now.

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