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Our Menus are Seasonal, locally sourced and sustainable.


Chase Elegant English Gin – Elegant, crisp and fruity with juniper notes and apple undertones. Aromatic tonic
£4.95  | £6.95
Cotswold Dry Gin – Well-balanced juniper-led with crisp citrus and spice. Indian Tonic
£5.50 |£8.50



Bombay Sapphire – A complex, aromatic liquid that delivers a broad, balanced flavour.Indian tonic         £4.50 | £6.50 No.3 – Distilled in copper pots, smooth and classic London Dry .Indian Tonic                                             £4.95  | £6.95
Manchester Marmalade – Crafted using real Manchester Marmalade, giving a classic bittersweet flavour and a delicate aroma. Indian tonic £6.50  | £9.75 Plymouth Navy – Bold and aromatic, its heritage originates with the British Royal Navy. Mediterranean Tonic £4.50 | £6.50
Marylebone – Delightfully delicate with chamomile, iris and sweet citrus with a spicy lingering finish. Indian tonic £4.50 | £6.50 Sipsmith – Set up in 2009, it was London’s first copper distillery for 189 years. Indian tonic                              £4.50 | £6.50 
Opihr -Exotic and intense, oriental spiced with botanicals from the ancient spice route. Aromatic tonic £4.50 | £6.50        That Boutique-y Pineapple – Heady with aroma and rich with caramelised demerara Pineapple. Pink pepper tonic £5.95 |£8.95
Salcombe – Inspired by a Salcombe ‘Fruiters’, fresh citrus fruits and spice notes. Light tonic                       £4.50 | £6.50  Two Birds Old Tom – A style of Gin from the 18th Century, sweeter than London Dry. Light tonic             £4.50 | £6.50 
Tanqueray 10 – Distilled in small batches using whole citrus fruits and hand-selected botanicals. Indian Tonic
£5.50 |£8.50
Whitley Neil Quince – Inspired by the flavours of Persia, with juice of Turkish quince adding sharp, sweet notes. Mediterranean tonic                                                    £4.50 | £6.50